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Why am I painting?
Where did I study painting?
Do I buy paintings by other artists?
Who are my favorite artists?
How long have I been writing one work?
Where can I see my paintings?
Can I hold a master class and teach how to draw?
How do I come up with a theme or plot for my paintings?
How do I bid for my paintings?
Why did I start painting?
My exhibition at the DOMINA hotel

One of the most chic and beautiful hotels in Novosibirsk is DOMINA. The impeccable design of the Italian hotel harmoniously integrated my paintings. Now guests arriving in Novosibirsk can not only enjoy the excellent DOMINA cuisine, but also enjoy painting and art. Especially in the late hour, when there is nowhere to go, or in the most severe cold, when you want to stay in a cozy, warm place. My painting at DOMINA makes the stay at the hotel a little more interesting, especially since you can always buy your favorite work to take with you as a keepsake of your stay in our city.





The most important event of this year is an art trip to Italy !!!

In September of this year, we managed to organize a unique art trip to Italy. It was unique because 8 people, having loaded canvases and sketchbooks, went to Fr. Elba is not on the bus, not on the car, not on foot or even in the wagon, but on a snow-white yacht! It was an indescribable cocktail of emotions and impressions. The first day when we laid out our belongings in the cabins and went to dinner, it seemed to us that we were in the cinema and everything that was happening was not happening to us. During the trip, we learned to set sail, moor, maneuver, knit, cook food under a roll and drink champagne mixed with sea spray. We caught every second of life and enjoyed it, forgetting about everything! In the morning, before sunrise, happy and spiritualized, we rushed to write gorgeous sunrises in marinas. Then they drank Italian coffee with stunning Italian croissants, had breakfast and rushed to write narrow streets, castle walls, terracotta roofs, cafes and moorings of the cozy coastal towns of Elba. The day forced us into the sea, diving with a screech into the clear turquoise water, then in the mountains, singing songs in the fog, then walking in the Italian province, collecting figs, grapes, limes, almonds ... We landed on a desert island, in search of traces of the past, we ran away from the hurricane, we drew, drew and drew ... in Italian vineyards, some with wine, some with oil, some with watercolor ... We drank Italian wine and ... painted ... Because it was an art the journey is the most unforgettable and full of happiness and joy!

с 25 october по 26 october
First Siberian Biennale design and modern of art

On October 25 - 26, 2019, the first Siberian Biennale of Design and Contemporary Art, a global project in the field of modern culture, created and held with the support of the Ministry of Industry of the Novosibirsk Region and the Department of Culture of the city of Novosibirsk, was held at the exhibition hall of the SPSL, the city of Novosibirsk.

The program of the Biennale consisted of six blocks, one of which, an Art project, an exhibition of works by artists of Siberia. My two works, “Summer Fantasy” and “Spring Fantasy”, were presented at this wonderful event, which brought together more than 2000 people.

Over the course of two days, an absolutely free exhibition of capsule collections of interior designers (an exhibition of interiors of small rooms), an creative platform for artists, a platform for subject designers, and also master classes, creative meetings, performances and theater performances were launched at the SPSL sites. Over 40 artists and more than 40 designers took part in the exhibitions.

Despite the fact that the word “Siberian” appears in the title of the biennale, the forum has stood out at an international level.

My personal exhibitions

My personal exhibitions are an opportunity to meet my dear people, chat, hug, share the joy and emotions of my paintings. My work is related to business and my painting unites colleagues, partners, clients. It so happened that thanks to personal exhibitions, I can see those with whom I can’t meet in the hectic weekdays. A sea of flowers, paintings, smiles and a joyful mood of positive, beautiful, close-minded people, these are my personal exhibitions.

August 22 at 18.30
Regatta union 2019!

Regatta union 2019! Hot air, vivid impressions, interesting people, extreme races! And yachts .... white, graceful, a symbol of success and freedom! My emotions from fate splash right on the canvas and on August 22 at 18.30, in the restaurant "Library" (Sovetskaya, 20) will open the exhibition of my works, written based on the regatta Union 2019! I invite all lovers of the sea, drive, sea sunsets and sunrises, cozy bays and raging emotions! On the summer terrace of the "Library" we will open an exhibition-sale of paintings "Wind in the Sails"! Treats, good music and communication with interesting and close-minded people will make this August evening even warmer and brighter!

On 27th of January, my exhibition of pictorial art
Personal exhibition 2019

Dear friends! Finally, it is January and this means we can arrange a meeting, hug and talk to each other. Now, I am able to show you pieces I have created this year. Plein-airs, masterclasses, studying with stunning artists at Michelangelo art school in Florence…..this was a full and productive year. I am looking forward to meeting you all in the “Gorskiy city” hotel from 15.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. on 27th of January.

From 1st to 31st of January

My first personal meeting will be open on my birthday on the 27th of January in gallery “Private collection”.

Address: Novosibirsk, st. Sovetskaya 26.

I will be glad to see you all!!!

The exhibition starts at 15.00 p.m. lasts until 20.00 p.m. Live music, my pieces, champagne, buffet, and lots of interesting visitors are included.

After being opened, the exhibition will last till the 4th of February. Any visitor can not only get acquainted with my pictures, but become an owner of the very picture you caught fancy on.

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