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Master class for lovers of Orchids

Master class for lovers of Orchids

In early March, we had the opportunity to meet and draw. There were several weeks before quarantine, and this meeting was especially remembered. Huge orchid flowers on thin, flexible stems always attract attention. And then there is wine, goodies, canvases, brushes, oil ... For me, learning is an understandable process: I study a lot and attend master classes, a teacher by training, and andragogy (the process of teaching adults) is also familiar to me thanks to the end of the courses "Business trainer". So the knowledge, experience and desire for others to succeed made this workshop very productive. We were more than 12 people, many met with oil for the first time. The one with the painting, to be honest, too. Therefore, we were impressed by orchids, wine and a great desire to throw more emotions on the canvas and, bypassing realism with a barrel, we painted these flowers brightly, juicyly, from the heart and sensations! A master class lasted about three, or maybe four hours, and all the participants had their very, very own orchids on the canvas!





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