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Plein Air Georgia-Armenia April 2019

Plein Air Georgia-Armenia April 2019

Plein Air is a story for people who love painting and cannot live without true color and light of nature. In winter, in Siberia, the weather locks up such people in the workshop and “shuts up” the exit with photos. Here, believe me, I can not with photos! Some part of the brain (and maybe not the brain) rebels and blocks the desire to write. Therefore, without waiting for the summer, the Sibiryachek group, armed with brushes, canvases and oil, and set off to conquer the hot Caucasus!

Now we need to brag about how I wrote cool in the open air ... but ... it does not work. Because Tbilisi is a city not conquered architecture. Confused, narrow, old, restored, beautiful, complex ... but at the same time cheerful, sonorous, tasty, carrying a good mood.

In Tbilisi, the work was bought raw and right on the streets.

But in Yerevan, we were conquered by local artist Mher Chatinyan. His bright, splashing colors pictures always impressed me. And then such luck! Mher sincerely shares experiences, ideas, gives advice and helps. Having returned to his native Novosibirsk, he is still “ill” with his bright and juicy colors! Do not treat me with Siberia))


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