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“Colour poetry” exhibition

“Colour poetry” exhibition

It has been for two years, that my friends, partners, colleagues and relatives get together on the 27th of January, rounded with pictures and sketches. They talk to each other, enjoy a good music and atmosphere. These are very heart-warming exhibitions.

This year, my exhibition was carried out under the sponsorship of official partner -  GORSKIY-city hotel in Novosibirsk. They have provided me with a roomy hall and opening cocktail.

We also had the ESPERANTO duet, who are well known as virtuosic and vibrant performers.

What a pleasure surprise for fashionistas was a runway show from a LAUTUS brand. The show was striking and fresh.

A wine tasting event followed by master-class in sabrage has become another drawing card.

A special atmosphere was created due to the blind auction! Guests had not got the slightest idea, about what picture was hidden under the cloth. This air of mysteriousness caused a sensation among the participants.

However, a hard-driving programme could not disturb guests from the main point – pictures and sketches produced in 2018. Past year was quite significant for me in the way of professional advancement: I have been at the plein-airs and master-classes in Crimea and Novosibirsk, studied at Michelangelo art school in Florence, worked independently. As a result, I have exhibited more than 60 works, and half of them now hang in the houses of my guests. The pieces would make a gorgeous decoration and fulfil space around them with positive vibes. Now the pieces are in Moscow, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk.


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