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“My birth” exhibition
“My birth” exhibition

On the 27th of January, “My birth” exhibition took place in the gallery “Private collection”.

This was a gorgeous and unforgettable event. My friends of various backgrounds and life periods got on together, on my very first personal exhibition’s opening. From time to time, the event reminded a reunity party, and sometimes a birthday party with my close relatives (almost a wedding party). In some ways, it also reminded me a meeting with colleagues or with sportsmen or fitness bunnies, or an art party, or a dance party….there are so many variants! These all sums up as a meeting with those, who are close to my heart.

I was looking on them with admiration, I saw how their eyes glowed with enthusiasm and amazement. They asked me questions like: “Did you paint it?”, praised me like “You are a person of manifold gifts”, and appreciated with warm words like: “Thank you for such a good evening!”.

In less than 5 hours, more than 130 people were placed into a small building, and when I took an interest with a concern, if there were enough space for them, they all answered like: “The building is not too small. We rather feel comfortable and don't want to leave”.

On entering the building, all my friends were given an envelope with a short note. They contained the titles of pictures. Most of those titles and works are presented in catalogue section on the website. Each visitor got his own picture title. And what did it mean to them? The answers varied: for ones it was like “The picture has already chosen me…”, for others it was “A life motto”, and the rest of the guests decided, that titles “Coincided with their inner world”.

The visitors used pens and ink to leave warm and friendly wishes, and even confessions of love! They also painted their own variants of the pictures presented. The used my brushes and paints.

Kid visitors had special space, with a table with felt-pens, gouache, albums and chocolate fountain surrounded with sweets.

Talk to each other, scan my works, paint, drink champagne, treat themselves with delicious treats, take photos and laugh – these are things, people can do while surrounded with relatives and close friends.

It is mind-blowing, to see how different my friends are. And all united in a small building felt good.

Quotations from the evening: “I know nobody here, and I do not comply with a dress code, but people don’t mind, and don’t pay attention!”, “Thank you for the joy I got, while meeting the guys! It literary makes me cry!”, “Your pictures strike me, make me happier, astonish…”, “Marina, thank you! This was heart-warming!”.

Late at night I went back home. I felt happy and I was smothered in flowers and gifts. The opening event on the occasion of my very first personal exhibition “My birth” turned out to be beyond descriptions!