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Article: 70х80, 2017
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Don’t be right, be real.
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Once I asked my husband, what flower could he compare me with, and he, without any hesitations answered: Sunflower! I was dumbstruck: “What! It is not a flower! Why sunflower? I am not even ginger-haired!»

You are as bright, as sunny and different as other flowers – he said… and added: “And you are as useful as a sunflower. I mean, people get oil, seeds, cook halva and brittles. What other flower can give us so much?”

You can give birth to a child and you are a good businesswoman. And a sunflower looks like the sun, that’s why I call you sunny…

I couldn’t but agree with him, and from now and on I will be a sunflower!

This picture is my self-portrait…

 P.S: He loves sunflowers so much, that every year, he sows the sunflower fields under the windows of our office.

This bouquet consists of flowers raised on that very field.

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