Tatiana beguiled by Marina Berzina’s talent 28.01.2019 15:36
Dear Marina! Your talent has set up a tradition “to get together every 27th of January on your exhibition”. Thank you for a number of impressions and opportunities to get acquainted with the beauty of your artworks and talent. What a mind-blowing feeling it is, to hear you, see you and feel the real beauty of places and scenery on your works, without saying any word.

Natalia 08.02.2018 13:34
The way we purchased “Altai” picture was rather strange and mysterious. I chose that very picture at once, and when Dima and I were leaving the exhibition, we agreed, that buying a piece was a right decision. (And this is not even a copy, but an original author’s debut work). It gives us much energy.

Tatiana 08.02.2018 07:08
The smears gave an inspiration air
Transparent canvas had it all
And if you look into its mirror
You’ll see your beauty on the wall
I am a happy owner of two wonderful pictures of Marina. Having visited the exhibition, I understood, that I literally fell in love with one small piece entitled “The shore”. It struck me with its “vividness”, which I felt in the smell of nature and splashes of water. It’s definitely a kind of a magic…..
The picture “Flowers from my flowerbed” is a real love from the first sight. I have a feeling, as if it was painted exclusively for me.
Neither photos, nor the website are ever able to recreate the atmosphere of “real pictures’ feelings” which rises up during the exhibition. I am looking forward for the next one.

Frank 28.01.2018 13:13
I had been choosing the pictures before the exhibition, but when I went there, I changed my mind. It gives me the sense of getting acquainted with an artist personally. Absolutely another impression it was! Just imagine, only you and a picture. It feels like not you, but a piece looks at you appraisingly. The “Croatian patio” is a clear reflection of the inner feelings of Marina. When I decided to take it away, I had a strong feeling, that I took a part of Marina’s soul. This is very important and personal. An artwork, entitled “Ringing” is still blowing up my mind. Its title reflects the nature of the work. Never have I thought, that a sound could be painted.
I wish Marina to keep an individuality and clarity!

Evgeniy 26.01.2018 10:39
Nice site. It’s really cool, to see you works not only via WhatsApp messages -))
Keep it up!

Sergey 24.01.2018 15:00
Sunny, I love you!
Congratulations on launching you very first website and exhibition. You are my favourite artist, and I admire your pictures.