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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

We are all guests on this feast called Life. It is fast and fleeting, and it only saves the most vivid impressions. We come to this world, grow up, start a family of our own, raise children, work hard to have more opportunities, create and collect bit by bit the most cherished and cheerful events throughout the life. Those bits represent themselves the sense of our being, our children will take them as an orienting point while making their life journey. They will enrich and extend their impressions.  

I, Marina Berezina present you this website as a portal into my world.

My passions include travelling across the globe and painting anything I would like, especially the things, evoking storm of different feelings. I put much efforts to depict in my works of art impressions gained while being at the particular period of time in the particular place. Each work has its own background you can get acquainted with by means of reading the commentaries to the pictures which are now available on the site.

I do not do commissions or cash in on my works, but I also prefer not to give away my works for free. I believe that nothing comes for free, and if it does, it will definitely lose its value, because people would take it for granted. My pieces have a part of my soul, energy and vitality. Being an artist is not my job. I would rather say that I am more a daydreamer and adventurer, than an artist. But when I do paint, time goes right back, pushing the limits and expanding the boundaries.