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Exhibition "Journey to Spring"

Exhibition "Journey to Spring"

I created my Journey to Spring exhibition in the cozy and beautiful space of the Art Estate to please friends, acquaintances, guests and everyone with a huge number of paintings and sketches about spring!

Crimean motifs with blooming apple trees, peach gardens, still lifes with flowers, Altai mountain landscapes, quite a bit of the water surface of Greece and bright combinations of colors of mysterious metaphysics in painting.

For the whole of March, Art-Usadba was filled with juicy colors and spring mood.

A lot of surprises were in store for the guests: a wine casino that allows you to win discounts on paintings, riddles, auctions and a “Yachting Certificate” drawing among buyers of paintings!

My partners "Autograph", who are engaged in applying paintings to textiles and thus "walking" art on the streets of the city, supplemented the exposition with models of T-shirts, hoodies, scarves and shoppers depicting the paintings presented at the exhibition.

It was nice to meet old friends, meet new ones…

It's nice that my paintings give a good mood and joy - warm words and smiles confirm this.

Now, in April, paintings about spring from the exhibition at Art Usadba have moved to my favorite art cafe LAVAZZA!

And since there is even more space in our gallery, the exposition was supplemented by other works that were not presented at the exhibition.

Therefore, those who could not, did not have time, did not come to the exhibition at Art-Usadba in March, come to my art cafe LAVAZZA on Stationnaya, 17 - I will be very happy to meet and chat ... have a cup of coffee and enjoy the paintings about spring together!


With a wish of bright and sincere emotions, your Marina Berezina



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