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Master classes in Crimea 2020

Master classes in Crimea 2020

This year I was lucky enough to attend two master classes in Crimea: with Igor Shipilin (landscape) and Olga Grigorieva-Klimova (portrait and still life).
It is very important for me not just to learn painting, but to learn from the best, whose works for me are not just a center of admiration, but a goal, an example to follow.
To start from the knowledge of talented and wonderful painters of our time, to develop and imitate those who do not fawn on the public, but are recognized and appreciated! It's complicated. This requires full involvement in the process. This is the work of the whole organism from hearing and memory to intuition and physical endurance.
"Write the wind!" - Igor tries to shout over the noise of the rolling waves. Sand creaks on my teeth. I lick the salt off my chapped lips and try to hold on to the palette and canvas.
"Do not look at the detail! Look through it, as if you are peeping, as if you are afraid that she will notice that you are writing it. And then, you will have the right spot. You will not have an eye on the canvas, but a look ! ", Olga says to me, unfolding my thought from" similarity "to" specificity. "
Therefore, I do not write from photographs, pictures or "from my head". I am learning to convey real feelings, characters, movements, smells, sounds, moods ...






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