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I do not do commissions.

I do not give away my works for free.

Each piece is a burst of emotions and impressions based on one moment. This definitely cannot be fake. My works are full of love and positive emotions. And it would mean a world to me, if customers with means of their money investments will support my art.

All money made on my pictures sales will be spent on new canvases, colours, and exhibition organisations, which will give me an opportunity to create more pieces and make the world better.

Here you can use various metods to make payments:

  • You can make a cash payment during the courier delivery or customer pickup

  • To choose a bank card payment method on this website you must choose step “make a bank card payment” and press the button “make a payment”.

    Payment is usually made through the authentication server of the Bank processing centre, including usage of the bank and credit cards of the following payment systems:

    • VISA International 

    • MasterCard World Wide (здесь возможно разместить логотипыMasterCard World Wide)

    Data transfer process description Описание процесса передачи данных

    To pay for your purchase you will be redirected with the PJSC “Sberbank” payment gateway, so as to provide your card’s bank account details. Please, have your plastic card ready beforehand. Connection with payment gateway and data transfer is carried out securely within SSL encryption protocol usage.

    In case, if your bank supports technologies of secure online payments, such as Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, you will have to supply a special password to make a payment. If you do not own such password, that will help you with online purchases, you can easily get it by means of contacting your bank.

    This website supports 128-bit encryption. Personal information privacy is provided by PJSC “Sberbank”. Your personal data will not be given to third parties, except in cases provided in legislation of the Russian Federation. Bank card payment service is provided in strict accordance with requirements of Visa Int. or MasterCard Europe Sprl. Payment systems.

    Payment methods description Описание процессa оплаты

    While choosing forms of payment by plastic card, purchase payments are made strictly after its order.

    After placing an order in our store, you will have to press the button “Bank card payment”. The system will send you to authorizing server page, where you will be offered to enter a valid credit card data, initiate its authorization, and then get back to our store by means of using function “Back to the store”. On getting back to our store, system will inform you on authorization results. If the authorization is confirmed, your order will be carried out in accordance within established parameters. In case of denied card authorization, you have a right to repeat payment procedure.

    Cancellation of an order При аннулировании заказа

    If a paid order is cancelled, client has a right to order another piece on the same price, or get back his or her money, by means of writing a message. To do that, please use “Write me” section presented in site navigational menu.

    Shipping Доставка

    Shipping is usually made on 1 or 2 day, after placing money to our bank account. There are several ways of shipping, that we can offer: customer pick-up, courier delivery, postal delivery. Further details about ways of shipping are included in the section entitled “Shipping”.

    If the payment was made with bank card, loyal clients will have to present a bank receipt with Sberbank payment stamp or passport card of the owner, to get the purchase.