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First Siberian Biennale design and modern of art

First Siberian Biennale design and modern of art

On October 25 - 26, 2019, the first Siberian Biennale of Design and Contemporary Art, a global project in the field of modern culture, created and held with the support of the Ministry of Industry of the Novosibirsk Region and the Department of Culture of the city of Novosibirsk, was held at the exhibition hall of the SPSL, the city of Novosibirsk.

The program of the Biennale consisted of six blocks, one of which, an Art project, an exhibition of works by artists of Siberia. My two works, “Summer Fantasy” and “Spring Fantasy”, were presented at this wonderful event, which brought together more than 2000 people.

Over the course of two days, an absolutely free exhibition of capsule collections of interior designers (an exhibition of interiors of small rooms), an creative platform for artists, a platform for subject designers, and also master classes, creative meetings, performances and theater performances were launched at the SPSL sites. Over 40 artists and more than 40 designers took part in the exhibitions.

Despite the fact that the word “Siberian” appears in the title of the biennale, the forum has stood out at an international level.


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