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Plein air is my passion!

Plein air is my passion!

Plein air with people who are also interested in painting - this is my pleasure! Three times already, I was lucky enough to become an organizer of an open air for my friends-artists in Siberia (an exit open air to Italy on a yacht is a different story).
The preparation of an open-air takes time and an understanding of what they will write. Often people say: this is beautiful! It needs to be drawn, right? Answer: Yes! Beautiful, but no need to draw. What is often attractive in the scope of the human eye, can absolutely NOT fit on canvas! Composition is the most difficult and responsible thing that the artist thinks about when exhibiting a still life, carrying heavy sketchbooks and seating models. "What are you drawing in this garbage dump? There, the building was restored, beauty! Go there to paint!", "Knowing" onlookers advise. And we put our "art shells" around the outback and admire how they "... are assembled from all angles!"
Therefore, when organizing an open-air, you need to run around well: locations where I can accommodate 5-7 artists at once with sketchbooks, think over the image of models, how to get there, how to feed, how to drink and, most importantly, how to arrange the weather!
I am glad that there was not a single failure, not a single failure in my plein air organization! And I rub my hands in anticipation of the next meeting!







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